Azure AI Services for beginners.


AI is a design that mimics human behavior and abilities and is embedded into the software.

There some key elements include in this process.

  • Machine learning — This is how we “train” a computer model to generate predictions and draw conclusions from data, and it is often the foundation for an AI system.
  • Anomaly detection — The capability to automatically detect errors or unusual activity in a system.
  • Computer vision — Software’s ability to visually perceive the world using cameras, video, and photos.
  • Natural language processing — The ability of a computer to understand and respond to written or spoken language.
  • Conversational AI — The capability of a software “agent” to participate in a conversation.

Machine Learning is the foundation for most AI solutions.

Let’s work with the Linux kernel in the Windows operating system.

Image :

The Windows Subsystem for Linux allows developers to run a GNU/Linux environment on Windows without the overhead of a standard virtual machine or dual boot setup, including most command line tools, utilities, and applications.


WSL 2 is a new version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux architecture that powers the Windows Subsystem. for Linux to run ELF64 Linux binaries on Windows.

This new architecture modifies how Linux binaries interact with Windows and your computer’s hardware while maintaining the same user experience as WSL 1. (the current widely…

Add dark theme feature to your flutter application.

Hey Developers, today I discuss about how to add dark them option to your flutter application. because dark mode feature is very important to the mobile applications because of that its help to build a user friendly environment in our application.

Now I showing this feature setup process. Firstly you need to create a flutter project with your friendly ide.

And next you need to open your “pubspec.yaml” file and add this dependencies

like image. you can get the latest dio dependencies version in the website using this link

dio: ^4.0.0

Take best choice for Mobile application development

Image Resource ( Freepik )

While deciding on developing a mobile application, a dilemma that arises quite often is whether to create a native app or a hybrid app. With the popularity of smartphones, more businesses are incorporating mobile applications into their workflow to extend their consumer presence.

Let’s start by defining each of these types of programming technology’s

Developing a mobile app that provides information or resources that allows you to enjoy your favorite medium of entertainment is what mobile app creation entails. Mobile apps are used in a variety of formats. They are either pre-installed during the production phase or shipped as web apps during the processing process. Every application developer's attention goes through…

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